Monday, 6 April 2009

East to West 4th/5th April

The forecast was several hours behind itself on Saturday, resulting in not only a battle against a strong headwind on the bike out from Edinburgh towards Carnwarth, but lashing icy rain as well. At times I was struggling to break 7mph which, even considering my inadequate cycling skills, was dire! I gave up near Tarbrax, leaving Craig to batter on to Carstairs. It did occur to me that anyone attempting to cycle in this weather should probably be 'inside' Carstairs! The spin back was frequently at 30mph and fairly efortless in comparison. 40 miles felt like 100.

Sunday's weather made up for it with stunning spring sunshine but a strong head wind remained as we ran west for 21 miles to Linlithgow on the Union Canal. I had the least painful run for well over a month which was a relief. After a late night and too much birthday-celebratory-wine, the Scotrail seat home with coke and chocolate was more than welcome, but the steak and chips later won outright.


  1. Hi Kate,

    Re speaking to you tonight at meadows intervals: if you google "exercises for glutes" you will find a load of stuff. Lots of squats, lunges etc. Glad to hear doggie is on the mend.
    Peter Buchanan

  2. Hi Kate,

    Nice to see you've joined the world of blogging. We need more girls :)

    Hope Ben is still doing well. He's an amazing dog. I'm sure he'll easily adapt to having only 3 running legs.